Hummos Bi Tahini

Chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice &virgin olive oil

45 K

Hummos Beirut

Hummos served with chili, parsley & cornichons

45 K

Hummos Bilahme

Hummous served with sauteed beef

70 K


Tender chickpeas tossed with garlic lemon,spiced &olive oil

60 k

Moutabal Batinjan

Smocked eggplant blended with tahini, garlic and lemon juice

50 k

Labneh Bel Toum

Home-made naturally thickened yoghurt

50 k



Salad of parsley, tomato, mint, spring onion and cracked wheat

60 K


An oriental green salad with radish, tomato, cucumber,onion capsicum and mint, all brought together with fried Lebanese bread

50 K

Roka Salad

Arugula Salad with Beetroot slices

50 K

Diwan Salad

Salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, oregano, green onions and Feta with a lemon and olive oil dressing

50 K

Raheb Salad

Green Salad with touch of eggplant

50 K

Oriental Salad

Mixed greens with tomato, parsley and cucumber dressed lemon and olive oil

50 K

Laban w khyar

Yogurt mix with water, garlic, mint and cucumber

45 K



Green beans cooked with tomatoes, onion and spices

40 K


Lentils, rice and caramelized onion

45 K

Warak Enab Bzeit

Rolled grape leaves with rice and vegetable stuffing

45 K

Mousakaa Batinjan

Lebanese eggplant stew with chickpeas and tomato

45 K

Batata Harrah

Potatoes fried with garlic, coriander, salt and spices

50 K


Chickpea croquet fried to perfection served with tahini sauce and lebanese bread

65 K

Foul Mdamas

Beans mashed with garlic and parsley, virgin olive oil and lemon juice

65 K

Kibbeh Potatoes

Fried mashed potatoes, cracked wheat, olive oil and traditional spices

55 K

Fatayer Sabanikh

Lebanese spinach turnovers

40 K

Rakayik Jebne

Lebanese cheese rolls

40 K

Feta Cheese

Served with lettuce, tomato & extra virgin olive oil

90 K

Fattet Hummus Bil Batinjan

Pita bread with hummus spread topped with yogurt and eggplant

70 K

Mujaddara Hamra

Lentils, cracked wheat and onion

50 K


Beirut Cold Mezza

Hummos Beirut, Tabouleh, Loubieh, Wara Kenab Bzeit, Mujaddara

178 K

Jounieh Hot Mezza

Balila, Batata Harra, Falafel, Rakayik Jebne, Fatayer Sabanikh

192 K

Al Diwan Mezza

Hummus Bi Tahini, Moutabal Batinjan, Batata Harra, Fattoush, Fatayer Sabanikh, Falafel, Mujaddara, Loubieh

280 K

Baalbak Mix

Moutabal Batinjan,Moujadara, Fatayer Sabanikh, Oriental salad, rakayik jebne


Zahle Mix

Hummus Bi Tahini, Mousakaa Batinjan, Mujaddara Hamra, Roka Salad, Falafel

185 K



Lamb sausages in spicy tomato sauce

130 K


Homemade spiced lamb sausages sautéed in brown sauce

130 K

Sawdah Djej

Livers pan fried, dressed with garlic and lemon juice

65 K

Juwaneh Bel kozbara

Tender chicken wings baked with garlic and lemon juice

65 K

Kibbeh Meklieh

Tender chicken wings baked with garlic & lemon juice

115 K

Lahme Ras Asfour

Beef tenderloin dice, garlic, green peppers, red peppers in oriental sauce

110 K

Fattet Hummus Bi Lahme

Pita Bread with hummous spread topped with yogurt and meat

85 K

Fatayer Lahme

Meat pie turnovers

60 K

Kibbeh Bi Laban

Casing of minced beef and cracked wheat stuffed with spiced lamb, cooked with yoghurt served with rice

165 K

Kibbeh Nayeh

Raw minced lamb , garlic , green and red peppers mixed with oriental spices

115 K


Chicken Shish Tawouk {200g}

Grilled marinated chikenfillet served with grill tomato and potato & green chili, on side garlic sauce

99 K

Lahme Mishweyeh {200g}

Grilled marinated beef fillet served with grill tomato and potato & green chili

190 K

Mixed Grill {300g}

Grilled combination of lahem mishwyee, shish tawouk & kafta mishweye

220 K

Lahme Mishweyeh {200g}

Grilled marinated beef fillet served with grill tomato and potato & green chili

190 K

Kafta Mishweyeh{200g}

Grilled seasoned minced lamb served with grill tomato and potato & green chili

175 K

Mixed Grill {300g}

Grill combination of Lahme , Shish tawouk and Kafta Mishweyeh

220 K

Arayes Kafta {150g}

Grilled kafta in pita warp Serve with yogurt on side

155 K

Castaletta {300g}

Grilled seasoned lamb ribs served with sauteed mushroom and potatoes, fried eggplant and cherry tomatoes

205 K



Lebanese spicy fish baked overflowed by spicy tomato sauce

115 K


Grilled barramundi filet Served with lemon sauce

135 K

King Prawn

King prawns, sautéed in succulent garlic & cilantro lemon butter sauce

135 K

Tiger Prawn

Tiger Prawn grilled to perfection a la Sour

210 K

Sultan Ibrahim

Fried full fish served with fried bread, lemon &tarator sauce{tahini and lemon}

115 K

Fried Ajaj

Fried full fish served with fried bread, lemon & tarator sauce

115 K


Fried Sardine served with fried bread, tarator sauce {tahini& lemon}

120 K

Al Diwan filet

Grilled barramundi fillet served with fried eggplant & lemon sauce

140 K


French Fries Potato

50 K

Basmati Rice

60 K



10 K

Garlic Sauce

10 K

Tarator Sauce

Made with tahini and lemon

10 K


Riz bel Halib

Chilled sweet rice pudding with rose flavoured cream

45 K


Rose water flavoured corn flour custard, served chilled

45 K

Mhalabiyeh Chocolate

Chocolate flavour Mahlabiyeh

45 K

Aish el Saraya

Lebanese cream slice, served with chopped pistachio

60 K

Layali Lubnan

Aromatic cream slice, served with chopped pistachio

60 K


Sweet dumplings filled with cream

50 K


Coconut cake with syrup and pistachio

50 K

Znoud Al Seit

Lebanese roll, stuffed with aromatic cream slice

65 K

Knefa bel Jebne

Semolina with white mozerella cheese with syrup and pistashio’s

65 K


Mashi Malfouf

Stuffed cabbage rolls with meat and rice

75 K

Daoud Basha

Meatballs with pine nuts in a rich tomato sauce

90 K

Sayadieh bi Samak

Baked fish filet with tomatoes, served over succulent rice

135 K

Prices are subject to 7% Service and 10% Government Tax